Реферат на тему Outkast

Outkast’s-Aquemini Critique Essay, Research Paper

It is not typical that hip hop music is viewed to be a form of art. It has received a great deal of negative publicity since becoming mainstream in the early to mid 1980 s. It is believed, by many, that the lyrical content of this type of music deals with only guns, alcohol, sex, violence, and crime. It is understandable for them to have these beliefs, because there was a period of time when that was true. Though there are still the artists whose lyrics say very little; recently, hip hop has become a form of expression with deeper meaning. It is my opinion that this type of rap has a large amount of artistic value. A song which blends rhythmically, significant lyrics and a beat that sets the mood, should certainly be considered a work of art.

The group that I believe is most successful in accomplishing this feat is Outkast. Outkast is the duo of Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton, more commonly know as Andre 3000 and Big Boi. The work I have chosen to critique is titled Aquemini. It is the fifth track off of their third album which is also titled Aquemini. The word Aquemini is the combination of Aquarius and Gemini; Big Boi being the Aquarius and Andre 3000 the Gemini. With this paper I am including lyrics printed off of the internet and a copy of this song. Please excuse the obscenities used in the songs.

Aquemini starts with the chorus which leads to the beginning of the relaxing and slow tempo beat. The meaning of the chorus is summed up by the lines: nothing is for sure, nothing lasts forever. In the first verse Big Boi says, we prayed together through hard times and swung hard when it was fitting, but now we tappin the brakes from all them corners that we be bending in Volkswagons and Bonnevilles, Chevrolets and Coupe De Villes. Big Boi is talking about their hard times together; which I feel refers to their growing up in a poor neighborhood of downtown Atlanta. Then he speaks of their rising above these times and becoming successful when he talks about all the different cars they are now driving. The final two lines of the first verse seem to show anger towards people who do not have their financial priorities straight.

Verse number two primarily expresses the hopeless feeling from living in a rough neighborhood. Following the next chorus the music fades out entirely. Upon first listen you may think that the song as ended here. The sudden return of the music and vocals creates a compelling opening to the second half of the song. Other than the line, we missed a lot of church so the music is our confessional, nothing about the third verse is that special to me.

The song closes on a very strong note; with the final verse being performed by Andre 3000. He changes the entire flow of the song. The beat remains at the same tempo, but he speeds up the vocals. The ending word of every line rhymes. This enhances what is being told by the artist. He speaks about putting his soul into his music, so that the listener will feel what he is saying. After that, he seems to question religion. He says, Sin all depends on what you believing in. Faith is what you make it. I can identify with what he says here. Your religious beliefs are what determine what actions are sinful, but who is to say what beliefs are correct and incorrect. He ends by saying that it is necessary to be aware of who your true friends are. He also says that he is not going to change his style to please anyone.

For these two musicians to have the skill to combine their different styles of rapping to an ear pleasing melody, truly makes them great artists. As I am sure you can tell, I thoroughly enjoy their works of art. I will continue to listen to their music as long as they have something meaningful to express.